How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

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Truthfully, you can spend whatever you want on your wedding.  The amount you spend will likely have an effect on the type of wedding you have.

Your wedding budget should depend on your personal circumstances and financial goals, as well as your values.

Is it possible to plan a wedding for only $1,000? Of course! View real weddings on a $1000 budget to get inspired!

Can you plan a wedding for a $5,000 budget? You betcha! View real weddings on a $5000 budget to learn the savvy secrets!

Planning a wedding with a $10,000 budget? We got you! View real weddings on a $10,000 budget to see their affordable ideas.

$15,000 is a reasonable wedding budget. You can do a lot with that amount!  View real wedding budget breakdowns from  $15,000 weddings.

See how other couples spent their wedding budget.  View $20,000 wedding budget breakdowns to get inspired for your planning.

One of the coolest ways to see how far your wedding budget can go is by viewing other real wedding budget breakdowns!

Learn from other couples who've gone before you and see how they pulled off their wedding on a tight budget!

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