Affordable Wedding Supplies You Can Find at Costco

The Budget Savvy Bride

You’ll be surprised how many budget-savvy wedding supplies you can find from the big bulk retailer, Costco.

When making your monthly Costco grocery list, remember to include a few items for your wedding.

It is surprising how many wedding supplies you can buy at Costco. This big bulk retailer actually devotes an entire section on its website to weddings!

On the Weddings by Costco tab, you’ll find engagement rings, wedding bands, honeymoon packages, flowers, food, invitations, and of course wedding registry items.

This gorgeous .75-carat round brilliant diamond ring has 32 diamonds in the setting.

Round Brilliant Diamond Ring

Looking for just a wedding band? Costco has you covered with this beautiful .25-carat round brilliant white gold band.

Round Brilliant Wedding Band

Costco offers a magnificent assortment of fresh flowers that will surely reflect your joy on your wedding day.

Soft Grace Wedding Package

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