How to Get  Wedding Florals on a Budget


You can achieve the look of lush, romantic wedding flowers on a budget with the Bianca Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms!

If you’ve always hoped for a lush assortment of dreamy romantic florals for your wedding day, you might have experienced a bit of sticker shock when asking for quotes from a wedding florist. But fear not, my dear bride, because the newest collection from Something Borrowed Blooms is here to save the day (and your wedding budget!)

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Something Borrowed Blooms  offers silk flower arrangements and wedding decor for rent– shipped straight to your door. Their designs empower couples to create a beautiful, luxurious wedding look without breaking the bank.

Something Borrowed Blooms

Select from one of over a dozen beautiful floral collections, including the new romantic floral style called Bianca!

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SBBlooms will ship your floral and decor order straight to your doorstep. Use and enjoy them, then ship them back!

How it works


Shipped to Your Door

These florals are so realistic your guests will be none the wiser. Your photos will look BOMB and you'll save over 70% when compared to fresh floral arrangements!

How it works


Be WOWed!

Don’t forget that BSB readers get access to an exclusive discount from SBBlooms!

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