Save Money With DIY Wedding Invitations

Here are some of our best tips for saving money when making your own wedding invitations.

Here are some of our best tips for saving money when making your own wedding invitations.

When I did this, I found that one of my favorite styles was layering, with multiple colored papers stacked and glued together. This style of invitation can be costly to purchase, usually at prices of $3 per invitation or more. However, this look is simple to create on a tight budget if you’re willing to DIY.

Do some research

Craft stores and other retail outlets should have a variety of specialized cardstock that will suit your needs. Try shopping online for your papers, you can find really great deals and online coupons that might not be available in store.

Shop savvy

Get great tools

A good paper cutter can really help if you’re planning to make DIY wedding invitations. If you don’t have one, you can usually find them available for use at copy shops. Additionally, you could consider purchasing one at your local craft store– just don’t forget your coupon!

Design and Layout

Format the text of your invitation to fit on a page ½-1″ smaller than your large pieces of card stock. (For example, your cardstock pieces might be 5″ x 7″ and your smaller paper might be 4″ x 6″.) Once you have the layout completed, print a test invitation and cut it down to size.

Where to Buy Your Envelopes

Unless you’re doing some sort of foldable design, you’ll need to purchase wedding envelopes. Whether you want a classic square flap design, a euro-flap envelope, or envelopes with gold foil edging, there are many options for where to buy envelopes for your wedding invitations.

You can easily print your DIY wedding invitations at home using a basic inkjet or laser printer. Just make sure you have plenty of ink! If you’d rather have your stationery professionally printed, we recommend using Overnight Prints to print your wedding invitations.

Printing Your Invitations

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