How to Save Money on Beauty Products for the Big Day and Beyond

Spend less and look gorgeous for your wedding day with these money-saving shopping tips for beauty products!

Major retailers like Sephora and Ulta often have sales throughout the year, and drugstore brands like CVS and Walgreens run promotions weekly.

Keep an eye out for

sales and discounts.

For example, Sephora’s Beauty Insider program gives you one point for every dollar spent, and Ulta’s rewards program is another great way to save money on the products you love.

Loyalty Programs

Beauty Shop

When shopping for beauty products online, using a cash-back browser extension can be a great way to save money. Extensions such as Rakuten track your spending and reward you in various amounts via cashback every few months.

Use Cash-Back Browser Extensions

Coupon browser extensions like Honey or Capital One Shopping can do the savvy snooping for the best price for you! These tools automatically detect special offers or coupons on the websites you visit while you’re shopping.

Coupon Tool Bar Extension

Use a

Discounted gift cards can also be a great way to try new products without breaking the bank. So next time you’re in the market for some new beauty products, be sure to check for discounted gift cards first – your wallet will thank you!

Buy discounted

gift cards

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