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When it comes to planning a wedding you want to make sure you are organized. The most important thing is tracking your wedding spending and making note of where it’s going.

When I was planning my own wedding, I kept a very basic spreadsheet as a Google Document to record my expenses and keep myself on track. It was a huge lifesaver, but it wasn’t fancy by any means. That’s why I was so excited to learn about Savvy Spreadsheets!

Savvy Spreadsheets!

Savvy Spreadsheets offers user-friendly spreadsheets for both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets to help couples stay organized with their wedding plans. They’ve got spreadsheet templates for your wedding budget as well as your guest list and a wedding planning checklist– all of which are amazingly in-depth and helpful.

Wedding Spreadsheet Templates from Savvy Spreadsheets

Their Easy Wedding Budget is a super easy Google Spreadsheets wedding budget template that lets you track up to 100 different expenses!


With simple step-by-step instructions, their templates are incredibly user-friendly and designed for Excel users of all levels– so not to worry if you’re not an Excel master.

The Easy Wedding Budget is also available in a Google Sheets version, which is great because you can update it on-the-go via an app for your smartphone.


These wedding budget spreadsheets have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from brides and grooms across the country! They’ve already helped 1000s of couples from all over track their wedding expenses.

Why We Love these Easy Wedding Budget Templates

Visit Savvy Spreadsheets to get these affordable wedding budget templates today!