Savvy Weddings by the Stars: 

How Your Horoscope Plays into Your Wedding Budget Mindset

Every Zodiac Sign Values Money and Experiences differently. 

Learn how your horoscope can affect the way you handle budgeting for your wedding from professional astrologist Mary Aragon.

Have you ever felt curious about how your horoscope plays into your wedding budget mindset?


Aries like to invest in a big, “spotlight” wedding where all eyes will be on them.


Taurus is a romantic at heart, but they also love money, so they will avoid spending ludicrous amounts of money on a “proper” wedding.


With Gemini it can go either way – they can decide to get married in Vegas, from yesterday to today, or they can have a big wedding in a white dress/black tuxedo.


Now, this is a sign that loves a good, old-fashioned wedding that follows wedding traditions when it comes to procedures and ‘protocols’. 


Leo is a solar sign that has appetites larger than life, this is royalty we’re talking about, and as such, they’ll want every last detail to be both perfect and grandiose.


A Virgo might not spend a large sum of money on the wedding, but they’ll want it to be perfect nonetheless. Virgo is a sign that will want an intimate ceremony

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