Should You Pay for Your Entire Wedding Yourself?

The Budget Savvy Bride

Should you pay for the entire wedding yourself, or ask loved ones for contributions? This post explores the pros and cons of each option.

First, figure out your why.

It’s useful to know your why when it comes to budget because your why is a measuring stick. Measure your spending decision against intention of wedding

Booking venue tours or meeting with vendors before building a budget can blow your whole budget before you’ve even started.

Build a budget before you book a venue

VIPs includes family, chosen or biological who may want to financially contribute to your wedding.

Talk to your VIPs.

Don’t feel like you have to give in.

Hold true to your intention and use it as your guiding star while also not neglecting these important conversations. 

Communicate with empathy

When somebody’s pick for their contribution doesn’t make sense to you or your partner, lead the communication with empathy

Say thank you

Whether your loved one wants to contribute to the wedding cake or your bridal accessories, be gracious and appreciative, and be sure to say thanks.

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