Should You Pay for Your Entire Wedding Yourself?

Should you and your partner pay for your entire wedding yourself? It’s one of the most contentious questions in wedding planning.

This exercise helps couples figure out the answer to that question. It’s useful to know your why when it comes to budget because your why is a measuring stick.

First, figure  your


Booking venue tours or meeting with vendors before building a budget you can actually live with is an easy way to blow your whole budget before you’ve even started.

build a budget


before you book a venue.

This is the inner circle of your wedding and often includes family, chosen or biological. Depending on who these people are in relation to your life, they may want to financially contribute to your wedding.

Third, talk to your VIPs.

For example, if you and your partner have planned a wedding with a budget of $5,000 and your VIP comes in and says, “Too cheap! That needs to be three times as high” you do not have to take them up on this.

give in.

But don’t feel like you have to

If a VIP says, “We have $1,000 to help pay for the wedding” a good follow-up question is “Thank you so much! Is there any particular part of our wedding that you would like us to use that money for?”

where needed.


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