Some Truths Behind a Destination Wedding - Why It Is Not For Everyone!

Destination wedding planning isn’t for the faint of heart. Get best prepared by reading these real-life lessons learned from couples who planned destination weddings.

If you have always dreamed of your wedding being a specific way – and you are not prepared to compromise on that dream at all, a destination wedding may not be for you. If you always, for example, wanted specific flowers, it may not be possible for you to get them at your destination. Or, it may be possible, but cost you a fortune.

Lesson #1:

You have to be pretty easy-going about the whole thing. Many brides, like me, choose to go with a wedding at an all-inclusive resort; for most of these places, a wedding coordinator is included with wedding packages.

Lesson #2:

Lesson #3:

While discussing communication, most of your information and contact will be through email, and you will be researching much online. If you are uncomfortable with this, it will make planning rather difficult.

Lesson #4:

A destination wedding is probably best for someone used to traveling, for one main reason: Communication is difficult, and there is a language barrier in most cases. DO NOT, please, do not get too frustrated with this.

Lesson #5:

Shipping items through customs is tricky. I have heard a lot of stories about décor items and whatever else being stuck for months. My recommendation for this is to bring what you want with you; and keep that kind of stuff to a minimum.

You will not know a lot of details ahead of time. I am struggling with this one a little. In my case, the resort include several options, which I know about, and you can pay for other things, but I do not make final decisions until I get to the resort; mere days before the wedding.

Lesson #6:

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