Target Registry: The Ultimate Wedding Registry Experience

The Budget Savvy Bride

One of my favorite places on earth is Target. Who hasn’t had the experience of wandering into that place on a mission to pick up a few specific items and walked out with a cart full of stuff they didn’t know they needed?

Because of the general awesomeness of Target, the retailer has long been a go-to for wedding registries. Additionally, thanks to Target’s great product assortment and low prices, it’s super simple for couples and their wedding guests to curate and find the perfect gift.

Target also offers some unbeatable registry perks, including a discount on the items remaining on your registry after the big day. Sounds like an excuse to add all the things to your wedding registry, if you ask me.

Target Registry: The Ultimate Wedding Registry Experience

Yep, that’s right! Target has partnered with Honeyfund to offer Target guests the chance to register for honeymoon experiences, flights, dinners, and more in addition to popular household items

Honeyfund Adds Experience Gifting to the Target Wedding Registry

Get 15% off everything left on your Target registry after the big day, so you can score all the leftovers for less! Completion offer valid online & in-store.

Other Great Features of the Target Wedding Registry

You can create your Target Wedding Registry in-store, online on, or via the Target Registry App. Just click Create Registry from the Registry Page.

How do I create a Target Registry?

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