The Best Financial

Tips for Newlyweds

Don’t miss these financial tips for newlyweds and couples, shared by some of the top personal finance bloggers and money experts!

Today we bring financial experts together from across the globe with different socio-cultural backgrounds to share their secrets to money management in marriage. Here are a selection of their best financial tips for newlyweds or couples at any stage of marriage.

Best Financial Tips For 

Newlyweds and Couples

Schedule a regular time to discuss important issues: A game-changer for our relationship with money (and other aspects of our lives) has been setting up weekly meetings. They allow us to check in with each other, review our budget, and discuss upcoming expenditures.

1. Setup Regular Discussion Time

The best advice for couples managing their finances together is to not dwell on the past. Merging finances can be a challenge and it can be tempting to fixate on past mistakes. The key to building a healthy relationship with money is focusing on continuous and gradual improvement.

2. Let The Past Die

Money is a big part of life, and managing it with your partners is a big part of any relationship.

Marry someone who has a similar view of money as you do, that’s my main piece of life advice. My advice to any couple is to talk about money early and often because it lays the groundwork for a successful relationship.

3. Talk About Money Early

Today, you have 35 experts from across the globe with different, educational, religious and socio-cultural backgrounds sharing with you their secrets to a healthy and happy relationship, especially when it comes to finances.