The Best Way to Ask Someone to Officiate Your Wedding

You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, but there’s another important person who will stand beside you on your big day besides your future spouse. We’re talking about your wedding officiant!

Choosing the person who will officiate your wedding ceremony is a big deal– you want someone who you both feel comfortable with, and ideally, who knows you both pretty well.  If you’re looking for the perfect way to ask someone in your life to officiate your wedding, look no further than the “Will You Marry Us?” Kit from American Marriage Ministries!

“Will You Marry Us?”

The couple goes to  and purchases their “Will You Marry Us?” Gift Package, which is shipped to them. Then they give it to their officiant

How It Works:

1. The officiant gets ordained online through by entering his or her unique code that is included in the package. AMM sends the officiant their ordination documents, along with all required legal forms and instructions.

The “Will You Marry Us?” gift package allows couples to share the excitement and honor with their officiant.

The officiant and couple can then use the tools and instructions included in the “Will You Marry Us?” gift package to prepare and deliver a memorable and legal wedding ceremony anywhere in the USA!

legal wedding ceremony

CREDENTIALS AND OFFICIANT LICENSING MATERIALS • 1 Copy of the AMM Minister’s Manual • Ordination Certificate • A Letter of Good Standing • Certificate Holder • Minister Licensing Instructions (where applicable) • Minister Licensing Application Materials (where applicable)

The “Will You Marry Us?” gift package includes:

WEDDING CEREMONY MATERIALS • 1 Embroidered AMM Satin Wedding Officiant Stole • “Will You Marry Us?” greeting card + navy envelope • A Copy of Asked to Officiate, Ceremony Writing and Delivery Guide • 1 Screen Printed Canvas AMM Minister’s Tote Bag • 1 Embossed AMM Minister’s Pin, Struck from Jeweler’s Metal • 2 AMM Embossed Gold Embossed Presidential Custom Pen

American Marriage Ministries (AMM) is a Seattle-based non-profit that ordains ministers through their website