The Complete Guide to Buying a Wedding Dress Online

Budget savvy bride

Considering shopping online for your wedding dress? Check out these retailers where you can buy your wedding dress online!

If you love shopping for everyday pieces online because you can avoid the hassle of visiting stores in person, there’s a high chance you will want to search for your wedding dress in the exact same way.

After all, nothing beats browsing from the comfort of your couch. But wedding dresses are different.

There are simply more styles and designers and fits to contend with, so is it possible to not shop in person? Will you still have the same experience? Can you even find the one from home? The short answer to all of this is YES.

Below, we’re answering all of your burning questions about shopping for a wedding dress online. Plus, we’re sharing where to search.

Almost every retailer on our list has tips and tricks for taking your measurements at home. This part of the process can also be helped by two additional factors: a second opinion and a stylist.

How do I get the best fit?

When you’re taking your measurements, try to take them with someone else at the ready to act as your helper. It can be a little difficult to measure and read what the numbers say when you’re alone.

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