50 of the Longest Celebrity Marriages

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“’Til death do us part,” the saying goes, and yet most celebrity marriages are lucky if they make it past the 10-year mark.

Are these high-profile unions done in by hectic work schedules? Ego clashes?

50 of the Longest Celebrity Marriages

The secret, according to some of the world’s most tenacious celebrity spouses, boils down to communication and proximity. Being a celebrity couple often means spending extended time apart so it’s important to reconcile those gaps with some serious togetherness. A little leeway in the fidelity department probably doesn’t hurt, either.

#50. Ann-Margret and Roger Smith Length: 50 years

The two got hitched in a Las Vegas hotel room in 1967, and Smith retired from acting soon after that to focus exclusively on managing Ann-Margret’s career. It was thus a partnership in every sense of the word, and one that endured (and thrived!) for half a century.

The two met in 1964 when Parton was 18 years old and married two years later. In the time since, the couple’s relationship has endured a range of struggles, including what Parton later described as an “affair of the heart.” The two renewed their wedding vows in 2016, injecting new life into an already resilient romance.

#40. Dolly Parton and Carl Dean Length: 52 years

Martin Sheen claimed in a 2015 interview that the secret to his and actress Janet Templeton’s 56-year marriage was honesty. Specifically, he said that she was never afraid to tell him the truth, which in turn made her the “scariest woman [he’d] ever met.”

#30. Janet Templeton and Martin Sheen Length: 56 years

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