The Most Cost-Effective Wedding Color Scheme

The color scheme dilemma is a totally avoidable problem. Despite your love for all-things-color… your best bet might be to go with the easiest, Most Cost-Effective Wedding Color Scheme choice we could think of:

black and white.

black and white.

Now before you write it off as too boring, here’s why we think planning a black and white wedding is the perfect choice for the budget-conscious bride, even if you’re a color-lover:

Black and white are classic colors with lasting elegance so that you can hedge your bets a bit. After all, a white wedding gown has been all the rage since Queen Victoria’s reign!

You can ensure classic elegance that’s always in style

Black and white dresses tend to be sold more as prom dresses than as wedding gowns.  Since high school girls aren’t going to pay as much for a prom dress as they will for a wedding gown, you can bet that you’ll save a ton of money on the dress by opting for a white dress with black accent features.

You can find a cheaper dress

You’ll save on printing costs

Another detail many brides don’t consider is the cost of the invitations, but black and white invitations also tend to be cheaper than color invitations.  When you go to the copy shop, you pay more for a color copy than you do for a black and white copy.  The same is true for black and white invitations.

Your bridesmaids will love you

Choosing a black and white wedding also makes it easy for your bridesmaids to save money.  Most women have been in a wedding when they had to plunk down hundreds of dollars for an ugly, colored bridesmaid dress that they will never wear again.

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