The Perfect Color Palette for an Early Spring Wedding

Finding the perfect color palette for an early spring wedding with these handy tips for selecting your colors for your big day.

There seems to be no wedding color more popular than blush these days. From bridesmaids’ dresses to flowers to table linens, just about any detail looks romantic, soft and just colorful enough when splashed in blush.

Coral, Blush and Gold

Shades of Purple

There’s a reason why Pantone chose Ultra Violet as its color of the year in 2018: this hue breathes freshness into décor, fashion and, now, your wedding palette.

Neutral Hues

Everything’s green again in spring, and you can use this natural palette to your advantage. Champagne, cream and grey let Mother Nature’s work really shine, so keep things this neutral if you’re planning an outdoor wedding.

Flower Power

No matter what the season, you can use nature as inspiration for your wedding theme. So, for your springtime celebration, head outside and look at the flowers sprouting in your garden: their soft shades could help you piece together the right palette for your day.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from pastels, you will find the bright, saturated hue known as fuchsia. This cheerful shade is so spring-appropriate, especially when flanked by a pure orange, golden yellow and green.

Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow and Green

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