The Pros and Cons of Paying for a Wedding on a Credit Card

How are you planning to pay for your wedding? Let’s explore the pros and cons of paying for your wedding expenses on a credit card.

Let’s start on a positive note! There are three key positives that come to mind when considering if you would like to pay for your wedding via credit card.

With a credit card, you will be able to charge any amount up to your credit card’s spending limit. Then you will be able to pay off that amount at your leisure. Keep in mind, interest rates may apply (they can be 15% or more).

Pro: Spread Out Payment Time:

Agreeing to work with wedding professionals and purchasing wedding details will likely be some of the more expensive purchases you will make in a row. Though you may experience a bit of sticker shock, one bonus is you will be able to rack up points with your credit card very quickly.

Pro: Earn and Utilize Credit Card Rewards:

Pro: You Can Dispute Charges:

If you dispute a charge on your credit card with your credit card company with a valid reason, there’s more of a likelihood your credit card company will take your side and return your funds. That’s great news!

Although there are a few pros to paying for your wedding with a credit card, there are also plenty of cons. The largest among them? The ease with which you can slip into debt.

Paying for your wedding with a credit card (or shopping with a credit card) can feel like you’re spending “imaginary” or “free” money because it’s not immediately leaving your checking account. As a result, you may find you quickly spend much more on your celebration than you initially intended.

Con: You Can Go Into Debt:

Con: Interest and Fees Can Add Up:

Most credit cards require you to pay interest on any funds you do not immediately pay off each month. Although some credit card companies may offer 0% interest, that’s typically only available for a period of time — and interest can add up.

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