The Pros and Cons

of Paying for a Wedding  on a Credit Card

How are you planning to pay for your wedding? Let’s explore the pros and cons of paying for your wedding expenses on a credit card.

Let’s start on a positive note! There are three key positives that come to mind when considering if you would like to pay for your wedding via credit card.

The Pros of Paying for a Wedding with a

 Credit Card.

If you’re planning your wedding on a shortened timeline, you haven’t been able to save as much as you hoped, or you feel as though you would like to spread your payments out overtime, a credit card can be a great option.

Pro:  Spread Out Payment Time:

Though you may experience a bit of sticker shock, one bonus is you will be able to rack up points with your credit card very quickly. That can be wonderful, especially if you’re planning to visit a destination where you can use your points for flights, hotel stays, or experiences during your honeymoon. 

Pro: Earn and Utilize Credit Card Rewards:

We hope you will be able to make a payment method decision that allows you and your partner to move forward with confidence.

If you dispute a charge on your credit card with your credit card company with a valid reason, there’s more of a likelihood your credit card company will take your side and return your funds. That’s great news!

Pro:  You Can Dispute Charges:

There are positives and negatives to any method you choose to use to pay for your wedding. But paying by credit card does carry more risk along with it because the potential to spend more than you can realistically afford is very much present