The Ultimate Guide to DIY Wedding Set Up and Break Down

If you’re planning a DIY wedding, you’ll need to consider how you’ll set up and break down your event. Check out this guide to get organized and prepared for your big day!

Deciding to work with a wedding planner is one of the best things you can do for your peace of mind. However, we understand working with such a pro is not within everyone’s budget. We’re detailing how to best organize yourself, your stuff, and your crew for your wedding day.

The Top 3 Steps to DIY Your Wedding Set Up and Break Down

While couples do plan weddings in a matter of days or even weeks, it’s far more likely that you’ve been planning your wedding over the course of many months (many couples plan for a year or more!).

Step One:  Organize Yourself

Organizing your personal items and those that will be at your wedding ceremony and wedding reception is the most important step in having a streamlined and simple setup and breakdown process.

Step Two:  Organize Your Stuff

Get organized so you can avoid stress and simplify the process.

Because you and your partner should both be enjoying your wedding day rather than making it happen, you will want to assemble a team of trusted friends and family members who are comfortable and confident to handle setup and breakdown.

Step Three:  Organize Your Crew

Keep in mind, these people will also transition into being guests (as they should!), and they will need time to get ready. As a result, we do not suggest asking parents or wedding party members to help.

Identify Potential Wedding Helpers

As the months and weeks dwindle to days before your wedding, it’s high time to determine your game plan for setting up and breaking down your wedding day.