The Ultimate Newlywed Checklist

It can be easy to assume that life will slow down after the big day and in some ways, it does. But there’s also a whole slew of action items that get added to your list after you say, “I do!”

So we’ve created what we’re lovingly calling the Ultimate Newlywed Checklist to put all the info you need in one handy place!

– Return rented attire – Return rental equipment – Take wedding dress to be      Cleaned – Make sure all vendor bills      have been paid in full

Post-Wedding Tasks (the week after the wedding)

– Record gifts + givers for      thank you notes – Write + mail thank you      notes – Write wedding vendor      reviews online

Saying Thanks

Are You Changing Your Last Name?

– Name change (if      applicable) – Social Security Card – Drivers License – Update your name on      your bank accounts,      loans, and credit cards

Are You Moving to a New Address?

– Send out new contact info      or change of address (if      necessary) – Get a new Drivers License – Update your address with      your financial institutions      (banks, credit cards, etc) – Update your address with      your employer – Renting? Consider renters      insurance

Newlywed Financial Tasks

– Set up a joint bank account      for household finances – Update your direct deposit      if necessary – Decide if you’ll be filing      taxes jointly as a married      couple – Meet with a financial      planner to discuss financial      goals – Order new checks with      your married name/new      address if applicable

– Check on your health      insurance– should you      switch to your spouse’s      plan? – Purchase Life Insurance – Have wills drafted or      updated – Consider disability      insurance

Newlywed Future Planning Tasks

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