Everything You Need to Decorate Your Wedding

Everything you need to decorate your wedding – get this printable checklist! Planning a wedding is on a totally different level. We’re talking about the Olympics of event planning. (Go team!) That’s why you need a wedding decor checklist.

Now, is it really going to matter if you don’t have a sign labeling your guest book table? Or your forget convenience items for the bathrooms? Absolutely not. But having a wedding decor checklist can help eliminate these oopsies, making your life easier.

It’s no wonder certain elements inevitably get missed or forgotten.

Now, beautifully made signs and labels have become not only super popular but incredibly beneficial to weddings. Etsy is by far our favorite source for signs, labels, and printables. What’s great about Etsy is you can find an artist to create a finished product for you. What’s even cooler is how many free printable downloads you can find on the internet.

Wedding Signage, Labels, and Printables

I think we can all agree that in the past, flowers were the most popular way to decorate for weddings. As for today…. nothing has changed. If your budget is tight, you may want to seek out wedding floral alternatives for more cost-friendly options.

Flowers + Floral Wedding Decor

You will find a detailed wedding decor checklist, with every decor element you can possibly think of listed. Of course, don’t feel obligated in any way to have all of these items at your big day. But we figured it would be better to have an exhaustive list than to forget something especially important.

Interestingly enough, the most important part of most people’s wedding – the ceremony – often requires the least amount of decor. At least with regards to our wedding decor checklist. Still, there are some very integral pieces that you will not want to forget.

Ceremony Decorations

In my opinion, the reception is typically where you will spend the most money, time, and effort. Putting together a meal, entertainment, desserts and favors takes a lot of foresight and detailed planning.

Reception Decorations

Planning a wedding can be super overwhelming. We hope that this wedding decor checklist proves beneficial and helps to relieve some of this anxiety.

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