These are the biggest Wedding trends of 2022 so far

Money experts at Wealth of Geeks analyzed Google Trends data as well as Pinterest data to establish which aspects of a wedding are the most sought after this year.

The most searched-for aspect of a wedding dress in the past twelve months has been an off-the-shoulder style with searches for the style rising 334% in the last year – more than any other type of wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Style

In terms of material, lace remains the most popular option, however, chiffon has seen the biggest year-on-year rise in search volume and in the last year alone has seen a 675% increase in online interest.

Paris Hilton and Hailey Bieber are the celebrity brides that appear the most popular. Paris Hilton, who wore seven different dresses throughout her three-day ceremony, claimed her favorite dress was the Grace Kelly inspired Oscar de la Renta dress.

Wedding Inspiration

The most popular wedding hairstyle trend is the half-up, half-down look. The simple yet elegant style has been used by famous brides such as Kate Middleton and Olivia Palermo.

Wedding Hairstyle

Summer is undoubtedly the most popular wedding season, with Summer weddings being searched 14% more than Winter weddings, the second most popular, 146% more than Autumn weddings, the third most popular.

Wedding season

The pandemic has put weddings abroad on the back-burner with searches for local weddings being searched an enormous 3,179% more than weddings abroad.

Wedding Destination

An outdoor setting is the most pinned wedding option, alongside more rustic venues such as barns, courtyards, and vineyards.

Wedding Venues

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