These Brides Want You to Know that They Think WeddingWire and The Knot Are a Scam

The Budget Savvy Bride

Have you heard of WeddingWire or The Knot? Several brides discussed their issues with these websites in a popular online wedding forum. Tish shared her experience. 

Are you looking to plan your wedding? Learn why some brides believe these sites are a scam for both brides-to-be and vendors, as well as tips on where you can find honest reviews!

Visit Multiple Sources

One advised, “Don’t trust Yelp fully either. Yelp notoriously hides reviews for businesses that don’t pay to advertise! The best source is Google and Facebook if you want honesty.”

“Honestly, they are the worst with their vendors at WeddingWire and The Knot – same parent company.” Many agreed with this user who said there is tons of misleading information on their sites.

Lots of Misleading Misinformation

One noted that it was good for Tish to find a way to leave honest reviews wherever she could to warn others.

Good for You

Another woman shared the same thing had happened to her. She left a negative review about someone collecting a deposit and then canceling on them.

It Happened to Me

A photographer stated, “As a professional wedding photographer myself, I know this already! Most in the industry know it. Unfortunately, it’s a scam for vendors as well!”

It’s a Scam for Vendors As Well

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