Tips For Choosing Realistic Silk Flowers for Your Wedding

The budget savvy bride

Planning to include silk flowers in your wedding? Use these tips to help you choose the best fake blooms on a budget!

Every budget-savvy bride-to-be knows that it pays to get creative when planning for the big day. The dress, venue, and caterers all add up fast, and you have to factor in the photographer and decor costs, too.

Then, of course, there are the flowers. From the bouquet to boutonnieres to the arch, the centerpieces on every table, and the rest of the venue… the list goes on!

Flowers can be one of the biggest headaches for a bride, not just because of their cost, but also for the challenges of securing, storing, and transporting them. This makes artificial or fake flowers a popular alternative, with silk flowers leading the way.

Silk corsages cost between $5-$30 online, with centerpieces ranging in price from $20-$100 and cake floral decorations from $25-$200.

Calculating The Cost Of Wedding Flowers

Today’s silk flowers are a far cry from the fake-looking blooms of the past.  You can find high-quality silk flowers that look so realistic your wedding guests will be none-the-wiser!

Types Of Silk Flowers

If you’re looking for the best artificial flowers, you’ll likely want to stick with silk. Many faux flowers are now made from rayon-silk blends or latex and painted and printed to look as realistic as possible.

Silk Flowers vs Latex Flowers

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The Budget Savvy Bride