5 Tips for Finding the Best Prices While Shopping Online

The Budget Savvy Bride

Online shopping has become ingrained into daily life, especially with the increased ease of making purchases with a single click.

Giving Assistant collected five recommendations that can help shoppers save money before making online purchases.

Did you know? Nearly 215 million Americans—roughly 77% of the U.S. population—shop online as of June 2022, and eMarkerter forecasts that number to exceed 230 million by 2026.

Stay-at-home orders and general anxiety around in-person shopping drove massive growth in e-commerce that outpaced projections within the industry.

Here are five good tips for saving money while shopping online.

As simple as it sounds, comparing the prices of products can save shoppers quite a chunk of change.

Shop around on different websites

Cookies and browsing history can impact dynamic pricing. This is likely one of the most overlooked factors affecting product pricing for online shoppers.

Use incognito mode

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