Top 10 Inexpensive Wedding Foods

Looking for affordable wedding catering? Check out this list of inexpensive wedding foods to serve at your reception!

As most of you already know, reception catering is one of the largest expenses for a wedding.  However, there are several ways to lower your catering bill. You could offer a limited selection like a signature drink instead of a full bar, use seasonal products, and/or host a dessert-only reception.

Let’s face it, weddings can be an

expensive endeavor.

1. Eggs 2. Peanut Butter 3. Bananas 4. Jello 5. Pasta 6. Ramen Noodles 7. Oatmeal 8. Potatoes 9. Canned Tuna 10. Bread 11. Beans

Top 10 Inexpensive Wedding Foods to incorporate into your wedding reception menu

– Have a Brunch Wedding  – Opt for Heavy Appetizers – Choose cheap wedding foods – Pick filling foods – Serve casual fare – Consider a food truck – Opt for a restaurant vs a caterer Read on for inspiration for an affordable wedding menu filled with cheap foods to serve at your wedding reception!

Cheap Catering Ideas for your Wedding

We hope this post proves three important things: 1. Great food doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. 2. Creativity is key 3. The presentation is just as important as what you’re serving

If you’re hosting a brunch wedding reception, these foods would work really well with your menu.  There are multiple obvious ways to serve eggs, bread, potatoes, and oatmeal at a brunch.

Budget-friendly Brunch Wedding Meal Options

If a brunch reception doesn’t interest you, consider stations, displays, and/or passed appetizers for an affordable wedding catering option!

Catering Stations, Food Displays, and Heavy Appetizers

If you and your fiancé are opting for a plated meal- don’t worry!  There are budget-friendly options available. – Eggs: Baked Eggs in Zucchini – Peanut Butter: Asian Salad with Peanut Butter Glaze – Bananas: Banana Sorbet, Banana Bread Pudding

Plated Meal Options that Are Actually Affordable

There are two things to note:

– Besides their price and availability, another great thing about these particular items is that they are filling. – These are only suggestions; all these items do not have to be served together.