Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Colors and the States Where They're Worn the Most

The Budget Savvy Bride

Choosing the perfect color for bridesmaid dresses is an exciting decision every bride gets to make. Turns out, where you live will likely determine it for you.

The fashion experts at Boohoo unveiled the latest Google Trends to reveal the most-searched-for bridesmaid dress color by state, and some of them may surprise you.

Several factors help determine the popularity of color, including what season it is, how formal the event will be, and the location of the ceremony.

Grace Lee, founder and wedding expert at Birdy Grey, says, "There are no rules! Our brides have shown us that colors in the green and neutral family are consistently favored regardless of the season.”

Hottest Trends in Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Why gray? It’s classy, sophisticated, and, most importantly, allows the focus to remain on the bride.

First Place: Shades of Gray

Taking a cue from nature, brides are choosing a variety of verdant shades. Sage, emerald, and olive are trending highest

Second Place: Go Green

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