The Top Sites for Digital Wedding Invitations

The Budget Savvy Bride

A digital wedding invitation definitely works, too — after all, an invitation is an invitation!

We would never want you to embrace something new without hearing about all of the benefits first!

Why We Love Digital Wedding Invitations:

Be eco-friendly and budget-friendly with your wedding choices by embracing the benefits of digital wedding invitations!

Etsy is still the place to go for unique, handmade items, including digital wedding invitations.

Etsy • Digital Wedding Invitations

WedSites • Digital Wedding Invitations

Paperless Post • Digital Wedding Invitations

Minted has digital invitations for all of those events (and more), which still represents a great way to save money and the environment!

Minted • Digital Party Invitations

Punchbowl • Online Wedding Invitations

Evite • Online Wedding Invitations

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