Top 10 Types of Greenery to use for your DIY Wedding Flowers

The Budget Savvy Bride

DIY Wedding flowers can be daunting for so many reasons. And one reason is knowing what flowers to use, but people usually forget about the greenery as greenery isn’t usually at the forefront of the list when it comes to color palettes.

More recently, people have come around to using more greenery or even all greenery, but for the most part, they’re focusing on the flowers. And rightly so!

But as we all know (or as we are all learning), the more flowers you have, the more the price point goes up.

There are a few ways to combat this price creep from busting your budget, but one of the most simple ways to keep costs down is to use a good balance of greenery with your florals.

Best DIY Wedding Flower Greeneries and Why

1: Salal/Lemon Leaf

This greenery is a beautiful green color and has a bit of a waxy feel to the broad leaves. It feels very “greenery” if that makes sense in that it has “typical” leaves and can come in two sizes, regular and tips.

2: Italian Ruscus

This is a beautiful deep green color and the leaves can look a bit shiny. Has great length and comes 5 branches/stems to a bunch.

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