Unconventional Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Saving money on your wedding may seem difficult, but it’s all about priorities.

Saving money on your wedding may seem difficult, but it’s all about priorities.

There are a plethora of resources on the web for brides who are looking to DIY their wedding paper items. By utilizing free wedding printables or low-cost wedding templates, there’s really no reason why any bride shouldn’t be able to make their own wedding invitations.

Make your own printed wedding items

You can still serve up a good amount of food so that no one goes hungry without costing a fortune. It’s super easy to put together a filling dinner menu made with affordable foods for your guests to enjoy. You may even want to consider choosing a non-traditional wedding caterer for your reception fare.

Rethink your catering

Utilize your network

Think about your family and friends and consider their various talents and skills. Are any of them applicable to weddings? Whether you ask your neighbor to make your wedding cake or your cousin to design your wedding invites, you can likely save yourself some pennies by pulling in help from loved ones.

Fire the DJ, and skip the live band.

If all you care about is having some chill music playing in the background while you eat your dinner and schmooze with your guests, this can easily be accomplished by creating your own wedding playlist.

No unnecessary flowers as decoration.

Fresh flowers are a budget buster. And let’s be honest, you only get to enjoy them for a few hours before they wind up in the trash. Why spend so much on something that doesn’t last? Why contribute to more waste?

Fewer attendants = lower costs. Having a smaller bridal party can save you lots of money in the same way a smaller guest list can. Each bridesmaid or groomsman adds an extra gift, extra bouquet or boutonniere, extra suit rental or bridesmaids dress.

Keep your bridal squad intimate

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