Upset Bride Posts Videos of Why She Excluded People From Child Free Wedding

The Budget Savvy Bride

A bride-to-be has sparked a heated debate with her bold decision to exclude sure guests from her child-free wedding.

When one bride decided to keep her wedding child-free, she faced a lot of backlash – even from members of her own family. To defend her decision, the upset bride posted videos online. Learn how it all unfolded.

Tiffany’s Wedding

Tiffany wedding was disrupted with one child screaming through the ceremony. The crowning moment was when a child who wanted a cupcake tipped over the wedding cake and ruined the presentation.

As a result of these incidents, Jill and her fiancé decided not to invite these families to their wedding, which was fast approaching.

Jill’s Wedding Plans

It caused a stir, with the families calling Jill a jerk for embarrassing them for having children and wanting to participate in family events. 

The Aftermath

One Redditor stated, “They tried to call you out publicly for deciding on YOUR wedding, and you just met them where they were. They sound horrible. No wonder you don’t want them at your wedding.

You Met Them Where They Were

“My husband and I wanted a child-free wedding but got guilt-tripped into allowing kids,” confessed one. "“There were cute moments, but I wish there’d been no kids."

Guilt Tripped Consequences

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