Was This Bride Wrong to Kick a Girl She Doesn't Know Out of Her Wedding?

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Weddings mark a significant occasion for two individuals to publicly affirm their love and dedication to each other, surrounded by their dearest friends and relatives.

When one woman attended a wedding as a plus-one without the bride’s consent, she was unexpectedly kicked out of the ceremony. Find out what happened and why this debate has sparked such an intense conversation among brides-to-be.

Here Is Their Story

Kelly had a bridesmaid ask the bride's friend leave because he also brought his friend to the wedding. The bride, Kyle is upset. Here is how the internet responded to the newlywed.

One explained – “What was the actual harm of this person being there at that point? And he had a plus one, and it is unlikely he knew you gave him a dispensation on your special day. 

You Knew What You Were Doing

Another pointed out – “You were so concerned about making the wedding perfect for yourself that you ruined it for your husband.”

You Ruined Your Husband’s Wedding

"You kicked someone out of the wedding who hadn’t done anything wrong and had traveled and paid money to be at your wedding (being a wedding guest isn’t cheap)." A third said.

You Got Offended Because She Existed

Finally, one shared, “You were unconscionably rude. Ridiculously wrong. you acted like a spoiled toddler having a temper tantrum.”

You Acted Like a Spoiled Toddler 

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