Ways to Reduce

Your Monthly Expenses to Save for Your Wedding

Want to reduce your monthly expenses so you can save more money to pay for your wedding day? Check out these simple ways to reduce your spending and save more!

First, you’ll want to identify any areas where you may currently be overspending. There are probably at least areas where you could cut back! When you reduce your monthly expenses, you’ll be able to save more to put into the wedding fund! Then once you’ve identified your target areas for reduction, you can begin making a plan to slash your costs!

How to Reduce 

your monthly expenses

I love going to restaurants and eating out, but it can definitely be expensive. Try lowering the number of times per month you eat out in order to reduce your expenses. When you do treat yourself to an evening out, check local deal sites like Groupon or Living Social first.

1. Cut Down on Eating Out

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are amazing streaming networks that have thousands of shows and movies for you to watch at your convenience. Binge-watch your favorite shows with your fiancé from the comfort of home for a low monthly fee. You’ll save big when compared with going out to the movies.

2. Have More At-Home Date Nights

When you’re saving up for a wedding, every penny counts. We’ve shared hundreds of ways to save money on your wedding; from cutting your guest list to skipping cocktail hour. But what about ways to reduce your monthly expenses for everyday life?

Instead of using a standard gym membership that can cost you $100s or even thousands a year, opt for an at-home workout that you can stream on YouTube or Amazon Prime.

3. Cancel expensive gym memberships

Some worth checking out are: Hulu for watching your favorite TV shows online Netflix for watching movies and original series Amazon Prime for free streaming entertainment NextIssue which gives you access to dozens of your favorite magazines Audible which puts bestselling books right into your earholes 

4. Test out different services with free trial offers

We recommend going over the monthly personal expenses for both you and your partner while you’re calculating your wedding budget!