50 Ways Weddings Have Changed Over the Last 50 Years

From who pays for the big day to YOLO honeymoons and wedding hashtags, read on for the most significant ways a 2022 wedding looks different from a 1972 wedding.

In 1967, one of the top choices for a first dance song was a classic, Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” but today many couples are choosing slightly more contemporary tracks from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.

The first dance

With the rise of social media, weddings have become more of a performance than ever before, and plenty of father-daughter duos are now choosing to perform epic choreographed routines rather than a quick box step.

Father-daughter dances

In the 1960s, many receptions were held at home. As the wedding industry has grown, most receptions are now held at venues, which has increased overall wedding costs by thousands of dollars.

Reception venue

In the 1960s cake and punch receptions were a popular way to celebrate new nuptials, but full sit-down dinners were becoming more popular. Today, it’s almost the reverse. Full dinners are the most popular way to celebrate a wedding, while cocktail and cake hours are less frequently chosen options.

Reception fare

In the 1960s a majority of weddings were held indoors at churches. However, the 1970s saw a huge surge in upscale outdoor wedding venues with more couples hoping to exchange vows in the open air, a trend that continues today.

Outdoor weddings

The growth of the wedding industry changed what used to be couple-oriented, often-religious commitment ceremonies into full-blown, magazine-worthy productions. A perfect example of this is the rise of destination weddings in the 1990s.

Destination weddings

In the last decade of the millennium, they became more popular with couples looking to skip the entire expensive affair or to have a much more intimate celebration.

The rise of elopements

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