Wedding Budget Tip #3: Choose an Off-Peak  Wedding Date

Did you know that choosing a wedding date during the off-season can save you tons of money on your wedding?

More popular months for weddings get booked faster and are more in-demand – so many venues will charge a premium for those most desirable dates.

It’s a simple fact of supply and demand.

The most popular months for weddings are May and June in the spring, and September and October in the fall. If you have your heart set on having your big day during these months, you may end up spending more than if you chose another date.

What those peak months are can vary depending on geographic location.

Choosing a winter wedding date can save you some major cash, as most venues don’t do as many events during that time. In fact, choosing an off-peak date can save you money on your other vendors as well – so be sure to inquire about seasonal discounts!

Having a Winter Wedding Will Save You Money

It’s also worth mentioning that winter weddings can be pretty magical!

Just think about all the beautiful wintry accents you can incorporate in your day.