Where to Buy Affordable Wedding Chargers for Your Reception Tables

The Budget Savvy Bride

Wedding chargers add a sense of elegance and sophistication to a reception table setting. These decorative plates come in such a wide variety of colors, sizes, styles, designs, and prices that it can be challenging to choose just one!

Formal weddings may include real glass china for the dishes, while others may choose the affordable option and go for plastic or a cheaper alternative. Decorative plastic charger plates can always be re-used by the couple or sold post-wedding.

Where to Buy Affordable Wedding Chargers for Your Reception Tables

Wedding chargers have been a thing for many years now. Although never required, they can help serve food, as well as catch any pieces of food or crumbs dropped from the main plate. Chargers keep food warm and protect tables from damage due to the heat of the bowls and plates.

Unique Wedding Chargers for Your Reception Tables

We’ve gathered a variety of unique wedding chargers from multiple retailers below, ranging in price, size, and design!

$2.35 each A vinyl leaf charger adds a design element to simple plates and bowls. Coming in a pack of 20 with colors gold, silver, and rose gold. Durable material can be reused or passed down to other brides!

Gold Faux Vinyl Chargers

Engraved plastic chargers are reusable for future gatherings. Six chargers come in each set, which is perfect for elegant weddings. The engraving on the rim adds class to each reception table.

Metallic Rose Gold Charger Plate

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