Wedding Compote Centerpiece Tutorial using the Holly Chapple Pillow

Alison from Bloom Culture Flowers is sharing a DIY wedding centerpiece hack you won’t want to miss! Learn how to make a wedding centerpiece with this handy DIY tool: the Holly Chapple Pillow!

Holly Chapple is an insanely talented florist who created a really great tool to replace floral foam (which is not so great for the environment). She called it The Pillow and you use it in place of chicken wire, tape, or floral foam.

Who is Holly Chapple and why do I care about her pillow?

– Holly Chapple Pillow (you can find them on Amazon)There are three sizes. 8”, 6”,and 4” – use according to your vase size. – Snips – Waterproof Floral Tape – Vase or compote (shallow vase) – Water – Snip

Supplies you’ll need:

– 2 Ivory Spray Roses – 2 Peach Spray Roses – 3 Peach Stock – 5 Lavender Roses – 3 Toffee Roses – 3 Tweedia – Sprays of Rice Flower – Stems of Salal/Lemon Leaf – Stems of Gunni Eucalyptus

Flower Recipe:

This is a great tool for any DIY bride or budding floral designer.

Start by Attaching Your Pillow to Your Vase Start placing your pillow in your vase and taping it in place. I tape an X across the top before I put water in the vase. Once the pillow is secure, pour in your water.

How to Make a Centerpiece Using the Holly Chapple Pillow

Start with a few pieces of greenery, I usually like to use 2-3 different varieties of greenery to build a foundation before placing my flowers.

Insert Your Greenery

Next place linear blooms such as the stock, this helps us create more of an organic shape. I usually work in an X pattern as it helps with consistent placement and helps distribute flowers neatly.

Place your Linear Blooms

I then place the spray roses. I usually use a few of these blooms to cover up the mechanics of the centerpiece. I drape a few stems over the edge of the vase to cover the pillow and tape.

Add in Spray Florals

Moving on to our focal flowers I place the larger roses. We’ve used two varieties of roses in this tutorial, play with depth and placement. Make sure they are not all on the same plane to create depth and a more professional look.

Add in Focal Flowers

Watch the full video on YouTube or hit play below to view the full Holly Chapple Pillow Centerpiece Tutorial video.