12 Delicious Wedding Dessert Alternatives for Non-Cake Lovers

The Budget Savvy Bride

Whether you are deciding to go the traditional route or be different, every wedding deserves to have dessert. It is the perfect opportunity to share a treat with your guests on such a sweet day in your life.

Obviously, traditional wedding cake will never go out of style, but having one is not required.

There’s no rule that says wedding desserts have to be cake – in fact, more and more couples are choosing to break with tradition and serve something a little different.

There are plenty of delicious options out there for couples who don’t want to serve traditional wedding cake. After all, your wedding is uniquely yours, and the dessert is a chance to show a little personality!

Just Desserts: Alternatives to Wedding Cake

For couples who love the tiered look of a dessert, macarons can add a unique style to a wedding with multiple options for the decorations!

Macaron Display

Cookies are a great way to please the guests with multiple options for flavors and decorations.

Cookie Table

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