Wedding Greenery

Top 10 Types of Greenery to use for your DIY Wedding Flowers

Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

What are the top types of greenery for wedding floral arrangements?

Floral expert Alison Fleck of Bloom Culture Flowers shares her top picks for greenery varieties for DIY wedding flower arranging!

Best DIY Wedding Flower Greeneries 

This greenery is a beautiful green color and has a bit of a waxy feel to the broad leaves. It feels very “greenery” if that makes sense in that it has “typical” leaves and can come in two sizes, regular and tips. This comes in a typical growers bunch.

Greenery 1: Salal/Lemon Leaf

The deep green color is ideal for some people and the length can be ideal for cascade bouquets, arches/arbors, table greenery, and more! Does well out of water.

Greenery 2: Italian Ruscus