How to Combat Inflation and Have a Beautiful Wedding on a Budget

Inflation is an unfortunate reality for all of us– the costs of goods and services increase yearly, making it challenging to maintain our standard of living.

And while managing a wedding budget is a typical concern for engaged couples, due to the elevated inflation rate, it’s an even bigger worry for those planning weddings this year.

Essentially, a wedding today will cost you more than the same wedding would have a few years ago. For couples wanting to tie the knot on a shoestring budget, here are some ways to offset inflation’s impact on your big day.

Planning your wedding well in advance gives you more time to save funds to contribute to the celebration, which can be helpful when budgeting. Starting early also gives you more time to price compare and shop for the best deals on anything you need for the big day.

Start Early

Second, be ruthless with the guest list. The more guests you host, the more expensive the wedding will be, inflation or not. Inviting only close family and friends, you’ll have a truly meaningful and intimate celebration.

Trim Your Guest List

Be Flexible and Willing to Compromise

Prioritize the areas of your celebration that are most important to you, and be flexible on the areas you don’t care about as much. For example, if your biggest priority is photography, hire the best you can afford and find ways to cut costs elsewhere.

Get Married in The Off-Season.

Desirable dates in spring, summer, and early fall are highly competitive and get booked quickly. To save money, choose an off-season wedding date. 

Have Your Wedding on a Day Other Than Saturday

Venues tend to be cheaper on weekdays, so you can save a lot by having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday instead of Saturday. However, don’t be scared to choose a mid-week wedding date either.

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