Wedding Photo Album Options: How to Find The Perfect One on a Budget

The Budget Savvy Bride

Wedding photos can be incredibly pricey. According to Wedding Wire’s photographer cost guide, the average couple spends between $1,150 to $3,000 on wedding photography expenses. Hiring a budget photographer is totally possible, but your photographs may suffer as a result.

Still, there are ways to save on your photos without losing out on image quality. An inexpensive photo album can still look incredible at half the cost of a premium album. Here’s how.

Wedding Photo Album Options: How to Find The Perfect One on a Budget

As your wedding photos will be one of your biggest wedding investments, it’s essential to keep these memories in a beautiful album that you and your family can look at for years to come.

Purchase a Photo + Album Package From Your Photographer

Some wedding photographers have packages that combine your wedding photos and a wedding album. It’s important to ask about these packages when you book your services, as they may not have the time to put together a gorgeous album for you if you ask later.

Whether you decide to make your own or hire a designer, you can minimize the cost of your album by opting for fewer premium options. Choosing a standard hardcover over a leather album cover for your book will likely save you significantly.

Go For Less Premium Options 

While this option is definitely one of the more crafty of the options, you can easily create a scrapbook-like album without spending a lot of money.

Buy an Empty Photo Book and Glue Images Into the Album

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