Project Management for Wedding Planning

I’d like to share with you how I’ve been managing our wedding planning process from a Project Manager’s perspective.

Really take a look at what dates you are trying to aim for. Are you looking to hold your wedding in 12 months? Then consider how much you are able to save within those 12 months and how much do you already have saved?


Planning & Design

Now here is where all of those handy bridal timelines will come in helpful.  Create a timeline with dates of when you need to accomplish each task based on the date you’ve chosen so you’ll stay on track with your planning.

Once I have actual prices and quotes from vendors, I’m able to plug in actual costs. If something is higher priced than we expected, we’ll just have to make sacrifices in other areas to stay within budget.


During this phase of wedding project management, you also continue to monitor your progress. Ensure your vendors and budget are still on track and on time by thoroughly tracking your spending – something many wedding checklists leave out.

Monitoring & Control


The final phase of wedding project management is completion. This is your finish line, where everything you’ve worked so hard organizing and planning for comes together!

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