Wedding Seating Charts: Creative Ideas for Your Reception Seating Plan

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Everyone who RSVP’d to your wedding has a place at the table. And everyone will know exactly where their place is at the table with a creative wedding seating chart. If you are having a seated dinner it is probably a good idea to have a wedding seating chart.

Traditionally, the seating chart is a large sign or display that is organized alphabetically and displayed at the entrance of the reception or dining room so guests would know where to sit.

If you are struggling on how to display your seating chart then consider some of these creative ideas below that put a modern touch on tradition. And if you are stressing out about how to create your guest list, assign seating arrangements, the dining layout and more check out this wedding tool.

Wedding Seating Charts: Creative Ideas for Your Reception Seating Plan

A minimalist design that goes with any theme for a wedding. A downloadable seating chart to print in any size on your own time.

Minimalist Seating Chart

Customize a seating chart with a picture of you and your significant other for a personal touch! The option to frame the seating chat is available for an additional cost.

Photo Seating Chart

Something different guests will love, a 3D-designed seating chart! Place the miniature chat on a table identical to the tables and chairs in real life so guests have no confusion about where to sit!

3D miniature Seating Chart

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