Where to Shop for Wedding Sparklers

So, what do you need to know about using sparklers for your wedding exit?

The most important thing is:

Many venues have legal restrictions on fireworks or other non-biodegradable forms of items that may be tossed on their property. Double-check to make sure you are within the terms of your contract before purchasing sparklers!

Make sure sparklers are allowed at your wedding venue.



Wood will burn and cause smoke and ashes.

Make sure they’re

made of metal.

Depending on the size of your wedding, it may take a few minutes to light all of the sparklers. Give them extra just in case.

Plan on multiple sparklers per person.

Have guests share lighters or have them bring their own. Sometimes matches just won’t do the job since they have such a short lifespan.

Use a lighter to

light your sparklers.

Sparklers Online

Sparklers Online is the Original Sparkler Company and they offer the most beautiful and longest-lasting sparklers on the market.

The Wedding Sparkler Store

Another great spot to buy your wedding day sparklers is The Wedding Sparkler Store! Check out their selection of wedding sparklers of all different sizes, shapes, and styles!

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