Wedding Suit Mistakes for Grooms to Avoid

Choosing a wedding suit for the groom doesn’t have to be tricky. Avoid these 5 common mistakes to make sure your soon-to-be spouse looks hot AF.

The groom wants to look sharp and feel confident on the wedding day in a suit that fits flawlessly. Unfortunately, many grooms make common mistakes that can ruin their appearance. Let's go through some of the most common wedding suit mistakes, and how to avoid them!

common wedding suit mistakes that

grooms make?

What are some 

When it comes to fashion, one size does not necessarily fit all. Different body types require different styles of clothing in order to look their best.  With rentals, there isn’t enough time or freedom to tailor them properly for your guy. Buy a suit that is custom-sized, like the options from The Modern Groom that you can have tailored for a flawless fit.

Wearing an Ill-fitting Suit

Mistake #1

Overpaying for something you could get at a better price is pretty much always a mistake in our eyes. Renting isn’t necessarily cheaper– oftentimes you’ll pay a sizeable amount for a suit rental. Why spend $300 on something you don’t get to keep? It’s literally just throwing money away, which isn’t too savvy in our book. 

Paying for a Pricey Suit Rental

Mistake #2

While it may seem like the most logical way to keep your suit jacket closed, buttoning up all of the buttons is actually a fashion faux pas. Buttoning your entire jacket can restrict your range of motion and make you feel and look a little stiff. You can always button the top jacket button, but never the bottom button. When sitting down, unbutton both, or remove the jacket completely.

Buttoning Up Your Entire Suit Jacket

Mistake #3

The groom should complement his bride, not compete with her. This is especially important for pictures. Stick to tie, vest, or pocket square colors that complement your suit and are cohesive with the wedding theme. Steer clear of loud or trendy suit colors or patterns that will be out of style by your first anniversary.

Overly Colorful Suit Accessories

Mistake #4

Just because a guy has long arms doesn’t mean he needs a long jacket. Fit the length of the body first, sleeves second. Once you have the proper length jacket, you can tailor the sleeves if needed. Wearing a jacket with sleeves that are too long can actually make you look shorter, and the groom should stand tall and confident on the big day no matter his height. 

Wearing a Long Suit Jacket

Mistake #5

The Modern Groom sells affordable wedding suits that are stylish and simple – perfect for all the men in your wedding party. No more stressing about what the guys will wear on the big day. Their stylish suits help grooms look as good as the bride (but not outshine her, of course!)

The Modern Groom

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