Wedding Superstitions:

The Origin of Common Traditions and Their Meanings

Feeling a little superstitious before the big day? Learn about common wedding superstitions and where they originated from in this post!

There are many wedding superstitions that are still observed today. But where did these wedding traditions come from & what do they mean? Let's explore the origins of some of the most common wedding superstitions and their meanings. Whether you’re about to tie the knot or just curious about wedding customs, read on for a look at wedding folklore!

Common Wedding Traditions + Superstitions

One of the most well-known wedding superstitions is the tradition of Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue. This custom originated in Victorian England and was originally meant to ward off evil spirits.

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

In a blessing dating back to Victorian times, a father would deposit a sixpence (a coin worth six pennies) in his daughter’s shoe as a good-luck charm.

Including a sixpence in your shoe.

White wedding dresses became the color of choice in Victorian England when Queen Victoria chose to wear a white gown when she wed Prince Albert in 1840. Since then, white has been associated with purity, innocence, and elegance.

Wearing a white wedding dress.

It is considered bad luck to show the groom your dress before the wedding. Today, this tradition is often interpreted to mean that showing the groom your dress will jinx the marriage.

The groom seeing the bride's dress before the wedding

Finding a spider on your wedding dress is considered good luck in many cultures. This superstition may have originated in medieval Europe when spiders were thought to be lucky because they represented wealth and prosperity.

A Spider On Your Wedding Dress

Wearing pearls on your wedding day is considered bad luck. This superstition may have originated in ancient Rome when it was believed that pearls were the tears of the gods.

Not Wearing Pearls on Your Wedding Day

One wedding superstition that is often broken today is the tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding. In days gone by, it was thought that if the bride and groom saw each other before the wedding, it would bring bad luck.

Seeing Each Other Before The Wedding

There are so many other strange and interesting wedding superstitions to unpack, so read the full post to get all the fascinating details!