Wedding Vendor Contracts: 4 Questions to Ask

The Budget Savvy Bride

Your wedding contracts are binding legal agreements, so it’s important to make note of all the details. Don’t overlook these four important points in your wedding vendor contracts.

Here’s my advice as a professional wedding planner on what to look for in your wedding vendor contracts. 


How much & when do you owe it?

This information is important for budgeting. It’s also important because it’s much easier to get money back that you never paid to begin with.

This is important because it’s much easier to feel joy when we also feel safe and don’t you want to feel joy on your wedding day? 

What’s the deal with health and safety?

In most situations, you won’t get a refund for any money previously paid. But what about future payments? You may also owe vendors money that you’re contracted to pay.

What happens if you cancel?

What happens if you reschedule?

You and your partner will likely pay what’s known as a “rescheduling fee.” It’s because you have now bought not one but two dates off of their calendars. 

Remember who you’re talking to.

Let’s take a breath and remember who we’re talking about. Wedding vendors are nearly always extremely small businesses run by one or maybe two people. 

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