Wedding Vows for Her

10 Incredibly Romantic Wedding Vows for Her or Him

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Looking for inspiration for your marriage vows? Check out these 10 Incredibly Romantic Wedding Vows for Her or Him that will make your wedding ceremony personal and special!

Have you ever wondered what these promises actually mean? Sure, these standard wedding vows hold wonderful thoughts, but surely your vows should say more than “I’ll stick with you even if you get sick” – right?

10 Romantic Wedding Vows

According to many marriage experts, friendship is a strong cornerstone to build a lasting relationship. Vowing to be your spouse’s best friend is one of the best marriage vows for her or him because it means that you’ll be focusing on more than just your romantic relationship.

1. I Vow to Be Your Best Friend

One of the best things you can give to your spouse is your honesty. Without it, your relationship would fall apart! Start your marriage off right by telling your spouse that you will be truthful to them from beginning to end, even when it’s hard to do so.

2. I Promise to be Truthful