17 Things You Should Do the Week Before Your Wedding

You’re in the final countdown! What are the final tasks and to-do’s to tackle the week before the wedding? Check out this list!

Whether you had your wedding dress altered or you purchased it right off of the rack because it fit perfectly, now is the time to try everything on one final time. Your partner should do the same!

Try on Your Wedding Dress/Wedding Attire

There are some beauty treatments you should avoid so close to your big day, such as a facial or any injections. But scheduling some time to pamper yourself the week of your wedding is wonderful if you can swing it.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Appointments

Ensure You’re Paid in Full

Your vendors will likely reach out to you if they’re missing any payments, but it’s also helpful to take a look at your balance sheets to make sure everyone is paid in full. If you’re unsure, send an email!

Review Your Contracts

Make sure to touch base with your photographer, videographer, rental company, DJ, venue coordinator, and anyone else. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask them so you can include them in your day-of wedding timeline.

Confirm Your Timeline

Whether you’re working with a wedding planner or creating your own day-of timeline, run through the plans that are in place to make sure you agree with all of the proposed timing. Keep in mind, it’s always best to have more time to complete something than not enough!

Send Timeline Details to Your Wedding Party + Family Members

You should take care to remind all the key players when to arrive for your rehearsal and wedding day hair and makeup, followed by refreshers on the start and end times of your ceremony and reception.

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